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I have always had a love for photography and capturing images from a different angle. In high school I would have to borrow a camera to take pictures for my photography class, and quickly learned that I enjoyed taking pictures of things more than people. Flash (see what I did there) forward to 2019 and my wife and I are going to start this venture to try and share some of the passion for up close photography and to welcome advice on ways to improve. Enjoy and thank you all!

While I may take the pictures, my wife Heather is the eye behind making this happen. She sees the pictures I take and thinks of how they can be seen by others. 

As a side note and to help pay for newer equipment, these images are for sale. I do have the RAW image and can print different sizes. I can come to your work place to take pictures for you to purchase as well. Keep in mind that texture of a picture is important to me, and that is what I try to focus (see what I did there) on. 

I have fun in this, and I hope that you see the fun I have in taking these pictures.


This portfolio has different images of textures. Most of these are from rust and iron but some from trees, rocks, and other items that nature has provided and has done to man-made items.


These are some of my wifes favorite images. Dragonflies and butterflies are two of her favorites, but has always loved insects. 


Sometimes random shots of opportunity can produce some great results.

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